About Us

We are a small team, different in ages and walks of life, but all strongly connected by a common belief that we must prepare for anything, at any time.

Recent events, like lockdowns, food and baby formula shortages, reduced community resources to ensure public safety, growing lawlessness in society have made us very concerned.

Our motto is to “hope for the best but plan for the worst.” By having plans to become instantly self-reliant for our very sustenance. A core tenant driving our survivalist mentality is that there is no expectation that we will receive any outside help. In the event of an unforeseen event that will place our survival on the line, you must prepare.

We take pride in planning and having some essentials in place. What we have today, the “crowd” will be in a frenzy to obtain tomorrow when it’s no longer readily available.

It’s all about risk management by considering different conditions that might occur. Having mitigations in place now to address them should they happen is critical. History readily shows that natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, and even mini ice ages) have regularly occurred over hundreds and thousands of years. Conflicts, wars, and famines have also been real events that have resulted in dire consequences for countries and people. Most people live in the here and now and ignore the fact that history often repeats itself. 

We don’t live in fear of the future, nor are we consumed with devoting all our energies to a survivalist cause. We just take some prudent actions today that serve as a kind of “insurance policy” for ourselves and families. 

We created Survivalist on Tap to share some ideas that will make you better informed and prepared for the expected and unexpected. 

Our Team

Philip Prescott – Founder
Jamie Halliday – Author